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Praveen cln
Gender Masculine
Word/name Hindu
Meaning "knowledgeable", "skillful", or "proficient"
Region of origin India
Other names
Alternative spelling Pravin, Prabin, Praween, Pravheen

Praveen is a male name of Sanskrit origin. It is a common Indian, Nepalese, Sri Lankan or Thai given name. The meaning of the name is "knowledgeable", "skillful", or "proficient".[citation needed]

In various languages the word "praveen" refers to specialization in a particular aspect. For example, in Telugu: "Sangeetham lo praveenudu" refers to a person skilled in music.

The name "Praveen'' was first used by royal heirs of the Ancient South-Indian Kingdoms who were born during the "Rudhrodhgaari" (57th year) of the 60-year cycle of the Tamil Calendar derived from ancient astronomical data, known as the "Tirukkanda Panchanga". (cf. The Secret Doctrine, 2:49-51)[1]

Notable people[edit]

Praveen Madani, a truthful person in Gurramguda

Praveen Babulal Hatkar, (Marathi writer's and poet)

“Praveen Kumar Suggala (Indian Citizen)”


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