Premi No.1

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Premi No. 1
Directed by Debu Pattnaik
Produced by Surinder Films
Starring Anuvab Mohanty
Koel Mallick
Rahul Dev
Music by Swarup Nayak
Distributed by Nispal Singh
Release date
  • 2005 (2005) (Orissa)
Running time
120 minutes
Country India
Language Odia

Premi No. 1 is a 2005 Odia film (dubbed in Bengali) directed by Debu Pattnaik. The film stars Anuvab Mohanty, Koel Mallick, Rahul Dev.[1][2] It is a remake of the Telugu superhit Dil starring Nitin.


The story of Premi No. 1 revolves round Rohit (Anuvab Mohanty). He was sent to town by his father for higher studies; in college he falls in love with Preiti (Koel Mallick), the sister of the town's famous goon, Ranjit (Rahul Dev). A rivalry grows between Rohit and Ranjit — after several incidents ultimately Ranjit allows his sister to marry Rohit.



  • "E Sara Duniare Khiojile Paiba Nahin Mo Pari Premi" — Kumar Bapi & Tapu
  • "Emiti Jhia Ku Mun Karichi Mo Priya" — Kumar Bapi
  • "To Naan Re Mun Gote Geeta Lekhichi" — T. Souri & Tapu Mishra
  • "Tu Nahin Kichi Mate Bhala Lagu Nahin O My Love" — Udit Narayan & Ira Mohanty


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