Premi d'Honor de les Lletres Catalanes

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Premi d'Honor de les Lletres Catalanes Award, by Ernest Altés

The Premi d'Honor de les Lletres Catalanes (Catalan Literary Lifetime Achievement Award) is an award instituted by Omnium Cultural since 1969 to recognize a person by their scientific or literary work, written in Catalan language, the importance of their work and his/her significant contribution to cultural life of the Catalan Countries.[1]

The prize is awarded annually, with 30,000 Euro and it can't be shared between different people or declared void. The jury consists of nine broad-intellectual and is renewed by thirds every two years on a proposal from the board and the advisory bodies of Omnium Cultural.

The ceremony of the Catalan Letters Lifetime Achievement Award takes place in June in the Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona, with the presence of people from the cultural, political and social areas of the country.

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