Premislav of Tost

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Premislav of Tost (1425 – December 1484) was a ruler in Silesia, sometimes known by his diminutive Primko. He was the second son of Duke Kasimir I of Silesia-Auschwitz (ruled 1406–1434).

Several years after his father's death Premislav received the dukedom of Tost, which he ruled for forty-five years (1439–1484). He died aged fifty-nine.

Duke Premislav was married (1463) to Machna (1442–1472), the eldest daughter of Duke Nikolaus I of Silesia-Oppeln. The couple left no male heirs, just a surviving daughter Margaret of Tost (1467 – November 8, 1531) who took holy orders and was appointed abbess of the convent of St Klara in Breslau (1508–1531).