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Prendergast is a British and Irish surname.

Variants of Prendergast include: Pender, Pendergast, Pendergrass, Penders, Pendy, Pinder, Pinders, Pindy, Prender, Prendergrast Prendergest, Prindergast, Pendergist and the (Gaelicised) de Priondargást.

The surname may be connected to one or more of three places in Britain: Prendergast, now a suburb of Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales;[1] Prendergast, near Solva, also in Pembrokeshire,[2] and; Prenderguest, near Ayton, Berwickshire, Scotland.

In Ireland, Prendergast is regarded as a Hiberno-Norman name and is usually derived from a 12th century Cambro-Norman knight, Maurice de Prendergast, who was born in Pembrokeshire and came to Ireland with the Earl of Pembroke, Richard "Strongbow" de Clare. Many of Maurice de Prendergast's immediate descendants lived in County Tipperary and southern Mayo. Some assumed the name Fitzmaurice at an early date and some of the Fitzmaurices were later known as MacMorris.[3]

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