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Presence Switzerland
(in German) Präsenz Schweiz
(in French) Présence Suisse
(in Italian) Presenza Svizzera
(in Romansh) Preschientscha Svizra
Logo der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft.svg
Swiss Pavilion Expo 2010 Shanghai opening day.jpg
The Swiss pavilion at the Expo 2010 is a project of Presence Switzerland.
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Federal administration of Switzerland
Headquarters Bern
Minister responsible
Parent agency Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Presence Switzerland (Deutsch: Präsenz Schweiz, French: Présence Suisse) is an official Swiss organisation, part of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, which aims is to promote Swiss interests. A department of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, it is not to be confused with Swiss Federation of Tourism, the owner of the MySwitzerland website.

Presence Switzerland manages an eight-language information website about the country, describing its history, institutions and politics. It also hosts the Swiss pavilions at the World's fairs, as well as the House of Switzerland.

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