Present (Timbaland & Magoo album)

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Timbaland and Magoo: Present
Compilation album by Timbaland & Magoo
Released March 14, 2005
Recorded 1994-2003
Genre Hip Hop
Length 1:16:17
Label Interscope
Producer Timbaland
Timbaland & Magoo chronology
Under Construction, Part II
Timbaland and Magoo: Present

Timbaland and Magoo: Present is a compilation album released by American hip-hop duo Timbaland & Magoo on March 14, 2005. The collection includes a seventeen-track album, containing a selection of the duo's singles and favourite tracks, as well material from Timbaland's solo album Tim's Bio: Life from da Bassment, packaged with a bonus DVD featuring eleven music videos, including six of the duo's own video clips, plus additional videos by Aaliyah and Justin Timberlake.[1] Six months before the album was released, a promotional taster extended play was released on 12" vinyl. It includes four tracks.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Clock Strikes" (featuring Mad Skillz) Timothy Mosley, Melvin Barcliff Timbaland, Barry Hankerson, Jomo Hankerson 4:51
2. "15 After Da Hour"   Timothy Mosley, Melvin Barcliff Timbaland 4:08
3. "Man Undercover" (featuring Aaliyah and Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott) Timothy Mosley, Melvin Barcliff, Missy Elliott Timbaland 4:41
4. "Joy" (featuring Ginuwine and Playa) Timothy Mosley, Melvin Barcliff, Juwan Peacock, Stephen Garrett Timbland, Smokey 4:55
5. "Here We Come" (featuring Missy Elliott) Timothy Mosley, Melvin Barcliff, Missy Elliott, Paul Webster, Robert Harris Timbaland 4:21
6. "Who Am I" (featuring Twista) Timothy Mosley, Carl Mitchell Timbaland 4:16
7. "John Blaze" (featuring Aaliyah and Missy Elliott) Timothy Mosley, Missy Elliott Timbaland 4:00
8. "3:30 in the Morning" (featuring Virginia Williams) Timothy Mosley, Missy Elliott   3:29
9. "Drop" (featuring Fatman Scoop) Timothy Mosley, Isaac Freeman III, Melvin Barcliff Timbaland 6:00
10. "All Y'all" (featuring Sebastian and Tweet) Timothy Mosley, Melvin Barcliff, Charlene Keys, Garland Mosley Timbaland 3:57
11. "Party People" (featuring Jay-Z and Twista) Timothy Mosley, Melvin Barcliff, Shawn Carter, Carl Mitchell Timbaland 5:18
12. "I Am Music" (featuring Beck, Aaliyah and Playa) Timothy Mosley, Stephen Garrett Timbaland 3:59
13. "Cop That Shit" (featuring Missy Elliott) Timothy Mosley, Melvin Barcliff, Dennis Taylor, Edward Archer, Eric Barrier, Freddie Byrd, Howie Thompson, Jack Hill, Jackey Beavers, Lael Williams, Lana Moorer, Missy Elliott, Preston Joyner, William Griffin Timbaland 3:33
14. "Shenanigans" (featuring Bubba Sparxxx) Timothy Mosley, Melvin Barcliff, Lael Williams, Warren Mathis Timbaland 3:46
15. "N 2 Da Music" (featuring Brandy) Timothy Mosley, Melvin Barcliff, Timothy Clayton Timbaland 3:57
16. "Hold On" (featuring Wyclef Jean) Timothy Mosley, Melvin Barcliff, Timothy Clayton, Wyclef Jean Timbaland 5:04
17. "Indian Flute" (featuring Sebastian and Raje Shwari) Timothy Mosley, Melvin Barcliff, Garland Mosley, Raje Shwari Timbaland 3:21