President's Day Split 7"

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For other uses, see Presidents Day.
Presidents Day
Presidents day split.jpg
EP (split) by Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine/Bomb the Music Industry!
Released February 20, 2006
Genre ska punk
Length 8 minutes
Label Asbestos
Producer Bomb the Music Industry!
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Presidents Day Split 7″
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Presidents Day is a split 7″ by Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine and Bomb the Music Industry! released on Asbestos Records. Each band contributed three songs, including a cover song originally performed by the other band. It is limited to 600 copies on marble gray vinyl. The first 400 were hand-numbered out of 400.

The split was released to benefit a friend of the bands, Dan Lang-Gunn, who fell under cardiac arrest. The profits were used to pay for Lang-Gunn’s medical bills.

Track listing[edit]

Side A
Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine
  1. "Thanks for Being Born in July"
  2. "Funcoland Vs. the Southern Electorate" (Bomb the Music Industry! cover)
  3. "My Mom Thinks the FBI Are Going to Open a File on Me."
Note: On the cover art, track three is labeled “Edith Wilson Bought a Power Suit”. Despite this, the track is listed as “My Mom Thinks the FBI Are Going to Open a File on Me” on the record, in the liner notes, and in all press releases.
Side B
Bomb the Music Industry!
  1. "This Year for Presidents’ Day, I’m Giving Up on Rock and Roll" - 2:39
  2. "4 Inches" (Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine cover) - 0:26
  3. "Come On, This Shit Is Getting Ridiculous." - 1:28