Presidents of the General Council of French Guiana

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The President of the General Council of French Guiana (French: Présidents du conseil général de la Guyane) presides over the nineteen seat General Council of French Guiana.

List of Presidents of the General Council[edit]

President Dates in office Political Party Notes
Eugène Gober[1] 1913–1919 Mayor of Cayenne (1912–1928)
Eugène Gober 1922–1928
Georges Anquetil 1928
Ernest Prévot 1931 Mayor of Cayenne (1929–1935)
Simon Brasse 1932
Albert Darnal[2] 1933–1940
Albert Darnal 1943–1944
Renotte Robo[3] 1945 Mayor of Macouria (19-1959)
Vermont Polycarpe 1945–1948
Auguste Boudinot[4] 1948–1955 Mayor of Cayenne (1947–1953)
Eudoxie Vérin[5] 1955–1956
Roland Barrat[6] 1956–1958 Mayor of Cayenne (1953–1965)
Jean Symphorien 1958–1964
Henry Plenet 1964–1967
Jules Harmois[7] 1967–1970
Léopold Héder 1970–1973 PSG Mayor of Cayenne (1965–1978)
Claude Ho-A-Chuck 1973–1979 DVG
UDF [8]
Maire de Roura
Elie Castor 1979–1982 App. PS
Emmanuel Bellony 1982–1985 RPR
Elie Castor 1985–1994 App. PS
Stéphan Phinéra-Horth 1994–1998 PSG
André Lecante 1998–2001 DVG
Joseph Ho-Ten-You 2001–2004 DVG
Pierre Désert 2004–2008 DVG
Alain Tien-Liong 2008–present DVG