Pribytki Air Base

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Zyabrovka Pribytki
Zyabrovka Air Base Bubin.jpg
Airport type Military
Operator unknown
Location Gomel
Elevation AMSL 456 ft / 139 m
Coordinates 52°18′22.0″N 31°9′44.1″E / 52.306111°N 31.162250°E / 52.306111; 31.162250 (Pribytki Air Base (Gomel (Homiel)))Coordinates: 52°18′22.0″N 31°9′44.1″E / 52.306111°N 31.162250°E / 52.306111; 31.162250 (Pribytki Air Base (Gomel (Homiel)))
Direction Length Surface
ft m
10/28 9,760 2,975 Concrete

Pribytki (also Zyabrovka) is an air base in Belarus located in Homiel Voblast, 16 km southeast of Gomel. In the early 1960s it was flying Tupolev Tu-16R aircraft. The airfield was renovated in 1963.[1] It received the Tu-22R around 1966, and by 1967 had 24 based there.[1] The reconnaissance aircraft were tasked with operations in the Baltic and northern Europe.[1] From 1973 into the 1980s pilots from Libya and Iraq trained in the Tu-22 here.[1] The Tu-22 units were disbanded in 1994 and the aircraft sent to Engels-2 for disposal.[1]

Pribytki was home to 290 Gv ODRAP (290th Guards Long Range Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment) flying Tu-16R from the early 1960s to 1994 and the Tu-22RDM from the 1960s to 1994;[2][3] plus a number of Tu-22R aircraft.[2] From 1960-80 the regiment was part of the 6th Heavy Bomber Aviation Corps, and from 1980-94, the 46th Air Army. (Holm)


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