Priesthood Executive Committee

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In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), the Priesthood Executive Committee (commonly called PEC) consists of the bishopric of a ward, the elders quorum president, the high priest group leader, the ward mission leader, the Young Men president, the ward clerk and ward executive secretary. In student and singles wards where not all these offices exist the counselors of the elders quorum president are often involved in the PEC as well.

There is also a stake PEC which consists of the stake presidency, stake clerk, stake executive secretary, and the high council.

The ward PEC normally meets weekly while the stake PEC tends to meet twice a month. However, both committees often meet in ward or stake councils that involve more people. The ward council tends to also include the Relief Society president, the Young Women president, the Primary president, and the Sunday School president. The stake council includes the stake PEC, the stake Relief Society president, the stake Young Women president, the stake Young Men president, the stake Primary president, and the stake Sunday School president.


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