Prime Cuts (Shadow Gallery album)

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Prime Cuts
Shadow Gallery Prime Cuts.jpg
Compilation album by Shadow Gallery
Released United States August 28th, 2007
Europe September 3rd, 2007
Genre Progressive metal
Progressive rock
Symphonic metal
Neo-classical metal
Length 75:01
Label Magna Carta
Producer Carl Cadden-James, Gary Wehrkamp, and Shadow Gallery
Shadow Gallery chronology
Room V
Prime Cuts
Digital Ghosts

Prime Cuts is a compilation album by progressive metal band Shadow Gallery. This was the final release from the band on Magna Carta Records. The band compiled the track listing which consisted of 9 original studio cuts, 2 edits and an original unreleased demo from the Carved In Stone sessions. This album contains no songs from the Room V album as that was released on Inside Out Records. The album was pressed with an error, the track listing says track 1 is "Mystery" from the Tyranny album. But in fact, it is "Out Of Nowhere" also from the Tyranny album, which is heard.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Original album Length
1. "Out of Nowhere" (mislabeled as "Mystery") Tyranny 4:20
2. "Ghost of a Chance"   Tyranny 5:19
3. "Deeper than Life"   Carved in Stone 4:32
4. "Hope for Us?"   Tyranny 6:00
5. "The Crusher (Edit.)"   Legacy 5:48
6. "Colors (Edit.)"   Legacy 5:33
7. "The Final Hour"   Shadow Gallery 4:15
8. "Say Goodbye to the Morning"   Shadow Gallery 6:43
9. "Don't Ever Cry, Just Remember"   Carved in Stone 6:29
10. "New World Order"   Tyranny 8:11
11. "Legacy"   Legacy 5:04
12. "Rule The World" (Unreleased Demo) Carved in Stone 5:50