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Prime mover may refer to:


  • Prime mover, a machine that converts energy from natural sources, into mechanical energy.


  • A tractor unit, a heavy-duty towing engine that serves as a "prime mover" providing motive power for hauling a towed or trailered load, including:
    • Artillery tractor, a military vehicle for hauling an artillery piece
    • Ballast tractor, a heavy haulage road or off-road vehicle designed to pull or push heavy or exceptionally large loads using a drawbar
    • Heavy hauler, a large transporter for moving oversize loads too large for road travel without an escort and special permit
    • Steam tractor, a vehicle powered by a steam engine which is used for pulling
    • Tractor, a vehicle specifically designed to deliver a high tractive effort (or torque) at slow speeds, often in agricultural and construction applications
  • A stationary engine unit that powers a rotating eccentric drum (on a vertical shaft), which in turn pulls cables each operating the pump jack above an oil well.


  • Prime mover theory (Latin: primum movens), a monotheistic concept advanced by Aristotle as a primary cause or "mover" of all the motion in the universe




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