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Primeval Evolved
Series Set During Series Three of Primeval
Platform(s) Browser

    Primeval Evolved was an online game of the ITV series Primeval, produced by ITV1,, Hoodlum Entertainment and Impossible Pictures.[1] It won the 2010 International Emmy Award for Digital Program: Fiction[2] and nominated for the 2010 BAFTA television award for New Media.[1] A new level was released after each episode of series three[3] and referenced in that week's episode. After a recap of the previous game installment, the player was greeted by a cast member of the fictional Anomaly Research Centre (ARC) and could interact with various items in the home lab.[3] A clue word announced during the end credits helped solve each game, and finishing one week gave the player an entry into a competition to win principal character Nick Cutter's jacket. A game was released the following Monday which usually involved the player helping Eve. There was also an introduction level before the series started and the tenth week featured very little content. The game is no longer online, and there is no other information suggesting a new series of this or any other game if a new series of Primeval airs.


    Lab Work[edit]

    Lester shows the player to their home lab where they meet Connor and Abby. They then receive a mysterious message from Eve, who tells them that they need to help her save the world.


    • E-mail: Jenny introduces the new member of staff (the player).
    • Microscope: human DNA.
    • Radio: a report that the day before a man had been killed when they were "trampled by an unusually huge hippopotamus".
    • Sketchbook: smilodon, velociraptor and the future predator.
    • In-tray: introduction to captain Beaker.
    • Voicemail: Lester introduces the Player to Connor.

    This game is only available in the UK.[4]

    Week one[edit]

    Lab Work[edit]

    Connor and Sarah discuss mythical creatures and Sarah introduces herself.


    • E-mail: Connor introduces his video blog.
    • Microscope: Pristichampsus skin.
    • Radio: A report covering up the Pristichampsus attack.
    • Sketch Book: Pristichampsus.
    • Connors Blog: Secrets from ancient Egypt.
    • In-tray:Captain becker anticipates delays entering and leaving the ARC due to new security protocols.
    • Voicemail: Jenny apologises for not meeting the player yet.
    • Documents: Information on the Loch Ness Monster and Jersey Devil.

    Codewords given at the end of episodes:

    1: Myth 2: Ghost 3: Cutter 4: Scientist 5: Fungus 6: Beak 7: Dragon 8: Predator 9: Future

    Game: Myth Mapper[edit]

    Eve asks the player to copy Nick Cutter's experiments by connecting the points on a "Myth Map" without crossing the same path twice.


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