Prince Edward Island general election, 1993

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Results of the 1993 PEI general election.

The 1993 Prince Edward Island General Election was held on March 29, 1993, and was the last to use the dual-member ridings. The election was won by the PEI Liberal party, led by new Premier Catherine Callbeck, who succeeded Joe Ghiz, two months earlier on January 25. The PC party took only a single seat (PC leader Pat Mella), one of three times in the province's history that the Official Opposition consisted of a single member. The PC Party had gained nearly 5% in popular vote since the last election, but its caucus was cut in half. This was the last federal or provincial election in Canada to use multi-member constituencies, a common feature of Canadian elections held in earlier decades.

This election is also of note because the leaders of both major parties were women, the first time in Canadian history that this occurred.

1993 Prince Edward Island Election Results
Party Leader Results
Seats % of votes cast
Liberal Catherine Callbeck 31 55.1%
Progressive Conservative Pat Mella 1 39.5%
New Democratic Larry Duchesne 0 5.4%
Total   32 100.0%