Prince Edward Island general election, 1996

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Map of PEI's ridings showing winning parties and their popular vote.

The Canadian province of Prince Edward Island conducted a general election on November 18, 1996, to elect the 27 members of the Island legislature. It was the first election since Prince Edward Island became a province that there were new boundaries.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Prince Edward Island was elected to its first majority government in 14 years. The Tories, led by their new leader Pat Binns, won 18 seats.

The Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island, led by new Premier Keith Milligan (who succeeded Catherine Callbeck, a month earlier on October 9), only won eight seats. In the previous government, the Liberals held 31 of 32 seats.

The Island New Democrats won their first ever seat, that of leader Herb Dickieson.

This election also marked only the second time in PEI history that the winning party did not win a majority of votes, the other being the Prince Edward Island general election, 1947.


Party Party Leader # of
Seats Popular Vote
1993 election Elected % Change # %
     Progressive Conservative Pat Binns 27 1 18 +1700% 37,910 47.39%
     Liberal Keith Milligan 27 31 8 -74.19% 35,802 44.76%
     New Democrats Herb Dickieson 27 - 1   6,283 7.85
Total   80 32 27 - 79,995 100%

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