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Several vessels have been named Prince George:

Sailing ships[edit]

  • Prince George (1750 EIC ship) was launched at Deptford. She made four voyages for the British East India Company (EIC) before she was sold in 1762 for breaking up.
  • Prince George (1789 ship) was launched on the River Thames as a West Indiaman. She was a transport for the British 1795–1796 expedition to the Caribbean. She later traded between Scotland and Russia, and Scotland and Quebec. She was last listed in 1857, for a nominal service life of 68 years.
  • Prince George (1806 ship) was launched at Rotherhithe. She initially sailed as a West Indiaman. The French captured and released her in December 1814. She then sailed as a West Indiaman again, but towards the end of the 1820s started sailing to New South Wales. In 1834 she made a voyage under charter to the Hudson's Bay Company. Thereafter she traded between London and Quebec, and was last listed in 1854.
  • Prince George (1828 ship) was built at Newcastle upon Tyne. She was an East Indiaman, initially sailing under a license from the British East India Company (EIC). She made two voyages to South Australia, carrying 200 Prussian immigrants on the first. She was wrecked in July 1841 near Hong Kong.
  • Prince George (1830 ship) was launched in 1830 at Bristol. In 1837 she made one voyage transporting convicts to New South Wales, and one the next year transporting settlers to South Australia. She was last listed in 1847.

Steam ships[edit]

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