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The Catalogue of Principal Galaxies (PGC) is an astronomical catalog published in 1989 that lists B1950 and J2000 equatorial coordinates and cross-identifications for 73,197 galaxies. 40,932 coordinates (56%) have standard deviations smaller than 10″. A total of 131,601 names from the 38 most common sources are listed. Available mean data for each object are given:[2]


PGC 2555[edit]

PGC 2555 (also known as Messier 32, NGC 221 or Arp 168) is a dwarf elliptical galaxy which is located approximately 2.65 million light years away in the constellation of Andromeda. It is one of the satellite galaxies of the famous Andromeda Galaxy as well. It was discovered by Guillaume Le Gentil in 1749.

PGC 6240[edit]

PGC 6240 (also known as White Rose Galaxy) is a large lenticular galaxy in the constellation Hydrus. It is located about 106 million parsecs away from Earth.

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