Principality of Upper Hungary

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Principality of Upper Hungary
Felső-Magyarországi Fejedelemség
Orta Macar
Vassal state of the Ottoman Empire
Principality of Upper Hungary in 1683
Capital Kassa (present-day Košice)
Government Principality
Prince Imre Thököly
 •  Established November 19, 1682
 •  Disestablished October 15, 1685
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Hungary (1526–1867)
Kingdom of Hungary (1526–1867)

The Principality of Upper Hungary[1] (Hungarian: Felső-Magyarországi Fejedelemség; Turkish: Orta Macar, "Middle Hungary") was a short lived Ottoman vassal state ruled by Imre Thököly. It was established on 19 November 1682.[2] The polity agreed to pay 20,000 gold[clarification needed] to the Ottomans annually.[3] In 1685 Thököly was defeated at Eperjes (present-day Prešov) and the Turks imprisoned him because of his previous negotiations with Leopold therefore his realm ceased to exist.


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