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Jump to: navigation, search is a UK-based printing company.[1] Started in 1992,[2] it has over 300 franchises in the UK and Ireland which are served from its production facility in Trafford Park, Manchester, UK.[3] It is the largest high-street print franchise in the UK.[4] is quoted on the London Stock exchange[5] and also has stores in France, the Netherlands, the USA and New Zealand.[6] The company has four routes to market: Online, Franchise Stores, Bolt-on Franchises and Company owned Stores.

Online channels[edit]’s acquisition of the Dutch online printing company MFG BV was reported to the London Stock Exchange on 8 November 2010.[7] The company consequently acquired the websites, and launched its first UK web2print channel, BrandDemand, at the start of 2011.[8]

The intended launch of the UK version of the site,, was reported at the end of July 2011 via's AGM Statement.[9] The French version of the Flyerzone site,, was launched in August 2011.[10] The following year the company announced plans to add their template software to this site in the final quarter of 2012.[11]'s web2print software and systems use InDesign Server technology to build print design templates.[12] On 7 November 2011’s CEO, Tony Rafferty, reported the launch of a further website, The aim of this site is to establish an online library of editable print design templates crowdsourced from freelance designers to be resold on a royalty basis.[13] In 2015 sold online printers & to for a total of EUR 2.4 million. [14]


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