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Priseltsi (Bulgarian: Приселци) is a village in South- East Bulgaria, situated in Obshtina Nessebar, in the Burgas region.

Priseltsi is 10 minutes drive from Obzor, a seaside town with much development in progress. It is known for its clean fresh air. There are quite a few new, high quality houses that have been recently built or renovated and some older ones in need of repair. A small church has been built and paid for by the local inhabitants. Pavements are currently being upgraded at the north end of the village. There is one small shop and plenty of farm animals running free. A cultural centre has been opened at the north end of the village - its expected to run traditional folk dancing evening and various outdoor activities.

Coordinates: 42°49′00″N 27°49′00″E / 42.8166666767°N 27.8166666767°E / 42.8166666767; 27.8166666767