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This article is about a particular style of custom car. For the racing video game, see Need for Speed: ProStreet.
Pro Street '71 Camaro on the dragstrip

Pro Street is a style of street-legal custom car popular in the 1980s, usually built to imitate a Pro Stock class race car. Pro Street cars should appear to be more at home on the drag strip than the street, while remaining street legal and not gutted like a Race Car or Bracket Race car. Typically called a Backhalf car (tubbed).

Cars of this type always feature two of the following three modifications:

  • A highly modified, with supercharger or turbo, large capacity V8, V12, V10, V6, I6 engine.
  • A narrowed rear axle coupled with oversized rear wheels & at least an 14" wide tire (located within the wheelwells) for maximum grip and wheelie bars
  • An NHRA legal roll cage.

Cars of this type should remain modified from the firewall back but keeping Stock floorpans, a full interior with windshield wipers, carpet and working lights.

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