Procrastinators' Club of America

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Procrastinators' Club of America
MottoBehind You All the Way
FounderLes Waas
Founded atPhiladelphia, PA
Joseph Weiss

The Procrastinators' Club of America is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and describes its purpose as promoting "the philosophy of relaxation through putting off until later those things that needn't be done today."[1] It was established in 1956 by Les Waas, who remained its acting president as of 2011.[2] As of 1995, the club had an international membership of about 6,000 people.[3] The club publishes a newsletter called "Last Month's Newsletter".[4]

Lester Morton "Les" Waas, the founder of the club, died in 2016 aged 94 years.[5][6]

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