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Procycle Group
IndustryCycling Products
FounderRaymond Dutil
OwnerRaymond Dutil

Procycle Group is a Canadian manufacturer[citation needed] of cycling products. Procycle is based in Saint-Georges, Quebec, Canada and have offices also in Montreal, Vancouver and Shanghai. Procycle owns the Rocky Mountain Bicycles and Miele brands. They also support the Pro Cycle Vélociste in Quebec, an independent dealership network. Procycle once owned and produced ORYX, MIKADO, BALFA, ENERGY, CCM, Velo Sport and Peugeot bicycles but had since discontinued them. By 2002, 31 years after the first production, Procycle produced its 7,000,000th bicycle in its factory in Saint-Georges.[1]

The company has been privately owned since the beginning by its founder Raymond Dutil.


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