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A product naming convention is a process of product or good description or titling. Consistent use of alphanumeric characters and separating devices defines a Naming convention. The naming convention will create an identifier for that version or model of product or goods. [1] [2] Character use can interrupt with computerized software management systems which further limits the scope. The use of UPC codes may come to replace the need for such naming conventions as bar code readers become common. Speakable product name codes or strict names are still needed for marketing and customer service aspects. A properly identified product can lead to sales and properly targeted support.[3]

Naming can be separated by a shift of characters. Heritage concepts like character segments are common.

Simple Names
Complex Names


  1. Variable naming lengths could be hard to quickly verify.
  2. Numeric Names could overlap from vendor to vendor.
  3. Naming could distract from product purpose.
  4. Mixed alphanumeric codes using similar characters (e.g. uppercase I and the digit 1, the letter O and the digit 0) can cause mistakes.

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