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Professional Picture Framers Association
Professional Picture Framers Association Logo.jpg
Formation 21 August 1971 (1971-08-21)
Headquarters Richmond, Virginia
Official language
Affiliations Photo Marketing Association
Reproductions of antique gilded picture frame mouldings

The Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA)[1][2][3] is an international trade organization. The headquarters of the PPFA is based in Virginia, where four full-time staff serve the requirements of its members. These are the only paid staff of an otherwise volunteer-run association.[4] Its primary focus is the education[5][6][7] of custom picture framers. The organization and all its chapters are run by volunteers.

The PPFA has 26 chapters, located in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The chapter with the largest number of members and most active is the New England Chapter.[citation needed]

The Association currently represents over 3600 member businesses from around the world. Association members include independent frame shop owners and staff, distributors and manufacturers of picture frame mouldings, supplies and equipment.[8] The PPFA is a member of the Photo Marketing Association[9] (PMA).


  • Incorporated on August 21, 1971[10][11] with offices in Richmond, Virginia established in 1973 [12]
  • The first Print Framing Competition was held in Burlingame, CA in 1971
  • The first Open Framing Competition was held in New York, NY in 1975
  • Launched the Certified Picture Framer certification program in 1986 [13]
  • Became part of the Photo Marketing Association in 2001 [14]
  • Launched the Master Certified Picture Framer certification program in 2003 [15]
  • The current president of the PPFA is John Pruitt, CPF [16]


PPFA has two levels of certification:

  • Certified Picture Framer (CPF)
  • Master Certified Picture Framer (MCPF)

To attain CPF certification, the candidate must be active in the picture framing industry with a minimum one year's experience, and then pass a 3.5 hour, 150 question multiple choice examination. Candidates can also take the CPF examination online during certain timeslots, so that they do not have to travel to an examination venue.

The MCPF designation is earned by the candidate performing several objectives, all required:

  • be a CPF in good standing
  • having taken at least one recertification class
  • submitting four framed items (a canvas, a textile, a paper print and an object) for inspection by qualified examiners
  • assembling a framed piece to completion onsite, within 1 1/2 hours
  • writing a condition-report for an artwork

In 2013 there are fewer than 70 MCPFs worldwide. Framers who have obtained either the CPF or MCPF designations are required to recertify through a day-long course every four years in order to keep abreast of new developments in the framing industry. In addition to the recertification course, a Master Certified Picture Framer must either take or teach three classes identified by the PPFA Certification Board as meeting the requirements for continuing education.

After attaining MCPF, a framer ceases to be a CPF. A framer who has obtained a qualification can place the relevant CPF or MCPF marking after his name for promotional purposes.[17][18] The designations Certified Picture Framer, CPF and MCPF are all registered trademarks in the United States.[19][20][21]


PPFA publishes a members only quarterly newsletter, provides news, ideas, the latest innovations, materials and methodologies important for the industry. On line forum [22] has public and private [23](for members only) sections.

Over the years the organization has published numerous books and DVD’s. All publications are available to members for free in Chapter libraries [24] or for purchase in PPFA bookstore.[25] In addition, members have an on line access to a Framer’s Library, a collection of technical articles.

Partial list of publications[edit]

  • Kistler, Vivian C., (revised 2006)-Picture Framing, Vol. 1 (Library of Professional Picture Framing, Vol 1), Columbia Publishing, ISBN 978-0938655114
  • Kistler, Vivian C., (2007)- Conservation Framing (Library of the Professional Picture Framing, Vol 4), Columba Publishing, ISBN 978-0938655039

Annual Convention[edit]

The association has an annual convention[26] each January in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the convention, the PPFA conducts an international framing competition. This framing competition has two sections, the Open and Print competition. For the Open competition, entrants can frame an artwork of their choice. For the Print competition, entrants are all sent the same artwork and have to frame this creatively. During this annual convention, framers have the possibility to sit either the CPF or MCPF examination. Another means of communication among framers is the Framers Corner website run by the PPFA.


PPFA has 26 chapters:[27]

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