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Progett'Azione (PA, meaning "ProjectAction"), also known as Piedmontese Populars (Popolari Piemontesi), is a regional centrist Italian political party active in Piedmont. The party, whose leader is Maria Teresa Armosino, is a spin-off of The People of Freedom (PdL).

The party was launched in June 2012 by Armosino, a long-time member of the Italian Parliament and president of the Province of Asti, and five regional councillors, namely Angelo Burzi, Roberto Boniperti, Roberto Tentoni, Rosanna Valle, and Gian Luca Vignale.[1][2] While Armosino had been a member of Forza Italia, the majority of the regional group's members hailed from National Alliance.[3][4][5] The members of PA still considered to be part of the PdL, but they did not recognize its regional leadership,[6] which promptly proposed the eviction of the dissenters from the PdL.[7][8]

In February 2014, ahead of the regional election, the party was merged into the new Forza Italia.[9][10][11]


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