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Progressive British Muslims (PBM) is a group of Liberal British Muslims that formed following the London terrorist attacks of July 7, 2005.

As of March 2012, the organisation seems to be defunct - an English Limited company of the same name is dissolved ,[1] the website is no longer visible. In addition, spokesman Dr Shaaz Mahboob now appears to be active at British Muslims for Secular Democracy [2]

The organisation was founded and is chaired by Farmida Bi, an expert in Islamic Finance to provide a voice for progressive Muslims who she felt were unrepresented by existing faith organisations. [3] Since its foundation in 2005, PBM has produced policy papers, produced short films on Muslim participation in the 2008 US Presidential Election and is currently working on a project with young people in London and the British Sudanese community.

Progressive British Muslims do not claim to speak for all Muslims, or any particular group of Muslims.

The organisation has David Lammy MP as a patron.


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