Protestantism in Tajikistan

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Protestants compose less than 1% of the population of Tajikistan.[1] There is a Lutheran congregation in Dushanbe.[2] There are about 3,000 evangelicals, who mainly are of Russian origin.[3] The Constitution provides for religious freedom.[4] There is a Seventh-day Adventist congregation in Tajikistan.[4] Many Christians are from South Asia.[5] According to the European Baptist Federation, government officials view the nation's Christians in the same light as militant Muslims.[6]

Baptist Brotherhood of Tajikistan[edit]

Baptist work in Tajikistan started in 1929.[7] The Baptist Brotherhood of Tajikistan consists of seven self-governing churches and 23 affifliate groups.[7] According to the European Baptist Federation, the Baptist community has around 1000 members.[7] The chairman of the Baptist Brotherhood of Tajikistan is the Russian-German Alexandr Vervai.[7] There is mission of Baptists among Tajiks.[8]

List of Denominations[edit]