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Publication information
Publisher Big Bang Comics
First appearance (in comics)
Policemen Comics # 1
(in Reality)
Big Bang Presents # 1
Created by Mort Todd (artist)
Gary Carlson (writer)
In-story information
Alter ego None
Place of origin Earth A
Supporting character of Knight Watchman (sometimes)
Notable aliases The Human Water Balloon
Abilities Body Elasticly

Protoplasman is a Big Bang Comics superhero, who first appeared in Big Bang's self-published issue, Big Bang Presents #1, though his metafictional debut was in Policeman Comics (A tribute to Police Comics, where Plastic Man debuted), itself a division of Quantity Comics (a pastiche of Quality Comics), created by writer Gary Carlson and artist Mort Todd.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Protoplasman is the comic-relief superhero of the Big Bang world, who works closely with Knight Watchman either as a partner or as an assistant. Although his powers are sometimes described as elasticity, that appears to be false information. When using his powers, Protoplasman seems to take on a liquid-like form, suggesting that his powers are derived from fluidity, rather than elasticity.

Since Big Bang Comics began self-publishing, Protoplasman has become a favourite with fans, with a sense of humor derived from Plastic Man (on whom he was based) and the zany attitude of Canadian actor Jim Carrey.

A collection of the Protoplasman comics was released in Spring 2009 called All-Protoplasman Color Cavalcade #1, co-published by Big Bang Comics and Comicfix.


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