Gilled African lungfish

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Gilled African lungfish
Protopterus amphibius.png
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: Sarcopterygii
Subclass: Dipnoi
Order: Lepidosireniformes
Family: Protopteridae
Genus: Protopterus
Species: P. amphibius
Binomial name
Protopterus amphibius
(W. K. H. Peters, 1844)[2]

The gilled African lungfish (Protopterus amphibius), also known as the East African lungfish, is a species of African lungfish.[1][3] It is found in swamps and flood plains of East Africa, where positively identified from Kenya, Somalia and Mozambique.[1][3] Records from Tanzania require confirmation[3] and may be the result of introductions.[1]


Protopterus amphibius generally only reaches a length of 44 cm (17 in), making it the smallest extant lungfish.[3][4] This lungfish is uniform blue, or slate grey in colour. It has small or inconspicuous black spots and a pale grey belly.[3] Like all African lungfish it has two lungs and is an obligate air-breather.[4] Also like all other African lungfish it is able to burrow and form a mucous cocoon for protection in a process known as estivation.[4]


The gilled African lungfish is a primarily demersal fish, living largely within the riverbeds of the Zambezi River system of East Africa.[5] It also inhabits similar areas in the wetlands of the region.[6]


The Gilled African lungfish is listed as Least Concern, partially because reported numbers are high and partially because of the lack of data.[6] It is eaten for food by some natives of the area however the numbers lost to this practice are very small.[5] More dangerous threats are the damming of the Zambezi, which will reduce the size of the delta in which the fish live, and pollution in areas that the fish inhabit[6] as well as encroachment of wetlands for agriculture that reduces the available habitat.[6]


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