Provincetown Jazz Festival

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The Annual Provincetown Jazz Festival[1]was founded by Bart Weisman[2]in 2005 and is held in Provincetown, which is the Oldest Continuous Arts Colony in the United States, and a portion of the proceeds are donated to worthy causes on Cape Cod.

Jazz musicians who have performed include: Kate McGarry (vocals), Howard Alden (guitar), Joe Muranyi, Greg Abate, Afro Bob Alliance, Shawnn Monteiro (vocals),[3] Suede (vocals & trumpet), Stephanie Jordan (vocals),[4] Lea DeLaria (vocals), Zoe Lewis (vocals), Lou Colombo (trumpet), Jim Robitaille (guitar), Janette Mason (piano), Mary Ann McSweeney (bass), Bruce Abbott (sax), Matt Richard (piano), John Harrison III (piano), Dave Zinno (bass), Chris Rathbun (bass), Chris Poudrier (drums), Bart Weisman (drums), Ann Austin (vocals), and many more.

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