Prowincja (album)

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Akurat - Prowincja.png
Studio album by Akurat
Released 1 October 2003
Recorded July 2003
Genre Punk rock, Rock, Reggae, Ska, Pop
Length 59:55
Label Agencja koncertowo–wydawnicza "Akurat"
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Prowincja (Polish for "province") is Akurat's second album released on 1 October 2003.

Track listing[edit]

Titles in brackets are translated from Polish.

  1. "Scena po scenie" (Stage after stage)
  2. "Wiej-ska" [1]
  3. "Jestem tym" (I'm this)
  4. "Roman i Julia" (Roman and Juliet)
  5. "Piekarnik" (Oven)
  6. "Balet" (Ballet)
  7. "Ślepe losy" (Blind fates)
  8. "Oni mówią mi" (They tell me)
  9. "Wielki plan" (The great plan)
  10. "Bajka o Księżycu" (Fable about the Moon)
  11. "Wolny 2003" (Free 2003)
  12. "Do prostego człowieka" [2]
  13. "Kapitał" (Capital)


  • "Do prostego człowieka"
  • "Wiej-ska"



  1. ^ "Wiejska" is a feminine adjective form of "wieś", which means village. In this case, title refers to street Wiejska in Warsaw, where the Polish Sejm building is situated. Words is divided into two: "wiej" (in this case hasn't got any meaning) and "ska", which symbolise genre ska.
  2. ^ "Do prostego człowieka" is a title of Julian Tuwim's poem, translated to English as "The Common Man".

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