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Proximity (typeset as ProXimity) is a 2001 American action thriller film starring Rob Lowe and James Coburn, produced by Overseas Entertaiment for Warner Bros. Pictures handling theatrical and TV distribuition and Columbia TriStar Home Entertaiment for DVD distribuition . It is written by Ben Queen and Seamus Ruane and directed by Scott Ziehl. The film is about an escaped prison convict (Lowe) and the head/founder (Coburn) of a support group called "Justice For The Victim's Families" who has his own tragic past and a dark secret.


When William Conroy (Rob Lowe) a former college professor is sentenced to life in prison for vehicular manslaughter it seems his life is over. But, when a fellow inmate tells him that in the past two years fourteen inmates have died at the prison, and then turns up dead the next day, Conroy is in more danger than he ever imagined. His suspicions are confirmed when, while on the way to his parole hearing, the van carrying the inmates crashes. Seizing the opportunity, Conroy flees the scene and elicits the help of his lawyer (Mark Boone Junior). What the two discover is a grisly murder ring set up within the prison walls that incriminates those at the highest levels of the correctional system.


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