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The prpl Foundation is a non-profit computer industry association started by Imagination Technologies and others to encourage use of the MIPS architecture (and “open to others”), through the promotion of standards and open source solutions,[1] with a particular focus on equipment for data centers, networking, and devices for the Internet of Things.[2][3]

The Foundation manages projects in specific topic areas via “PEGs” (prpl Engineer Groups), including groups focused on processor emulation (QEMU),[4] carrier-grade networking (prplwrt, based on OpenWRT),[5] and virtualization and security.[6][7] The organization also collects and disseminates information of interest to its members, including patterns in consumer use of smart devices and security issues.[8][9] In 2016 the organization released a study, "The prpl Foundation Smart Home Security Report".[10] The group also finds and reports security issues in smart devices.[11]

Members of prpl include: Broadcom, Cavium, Ikanos, Imagination Technologies, Ineda Systems, Ingenic Semiconductor, Lantiq, Nevales Networks, PMC-Sierra[disambiguation needed], and Qualcomm.[12] The security PEG includes several of the above, as well as CUPP Computing, Elliptic Technologies, Imperas Software, Kernkonzept, and Seltech.[6]


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