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Psallentes ("those who sing") is a Gregorian chant ensemble founded in 2000 and based in Leuven, Belgium.


Psallentes consists of singers Conor Biggs, Lieven Deroo, Pieter Coene, Paul Schils and Philippe Souvagie and is directed by Hendrik Vanden Abeele.

Psallentes has a lifelong association with early music ensembles Capilla Flamenca and Millenarium, with whom they made several recordings.

In 2007, Hendrik Vanden Abeele founded Psallentes Femina ("Psallentes Ladies"), consisting of Sarah Abrams, Helen Cassano, Lieselot De Wilde, Rozelien Nys, Rein Van Bree, Kerlijne Van Nevel and Veerle Van Roosbroeck.


Psallentes focuses on Late Medieval and Renaissance plainsong and related polyphony. From careful investigation and extensive use of original manuscripts,[1] Psallentes gather evidence on how this music was performed. Hendrik Vanden Abeele's research at the University of Leiden focuses on the thorny and controversial problem of rhythm, memory as the major requisite for a good singer of chant, and the voice as a research tool.[2] Interactions between research and performance result in ‘authentic’ as well as more present-day interpretations of plainsong.



  1. ^ On 1 February 2008 the Flemish Community acquired the important Tsgrooten Antiphonary [1]. Psallentes performed several extracts from this Antiphonary at the press conference announcing the acquisition.
  2. ^ Abeele, Hendrik Vanden (February 2007). "Researching and Developing Performance Practice in Late Medieval Chant Researching and Developing Performance Practice in Late Medieval Chant" (PDF). Dutch Journal of Music Theory, Special Issue Practice-as-Research: 91–99. Retrieved 2008-06-11. 

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