Pseudodynerus quadrisectus

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Pseudodynerus quadrisectus
Pseudodynerus quadrisectus P1270313a.jpg
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Clade: Euarthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Vespidae
Genus: Pseudodynerus
Species: P. quadrisectus
Binomial name
Pseudodynerus quadrisectus
Say, 1837
  • Odynerus quadrisectus Say, 1837
  • Odynerus bellone Lepeletier, 1841
  • Odynerus aztecus Saussure, 1857
  • Ancistrocerus (Pseudodynerus) quadrisectus (Say, 1837)
  • Ancistrocerus aztecus (Saussure, 1857)
Pseudodynerus quadrisectus, Subfamily: Potter and Mason Wasps

Pseudodynerus quadrisectus is a species of solitary mason wasp in the genus Pseudodynerus and family Eumenidae, first described by Thomas Say in 1837.[2] It includes the subspecies P. q aztecus (Saussure, 1857).[2]


A mid-to-large size wasp, its forewing length is 12–16 mm in females and 10.5–13 mm for males. Their coloring is mostly black, but with ivory markings that are more visible in females.[3]

Mason wasps create nests with mud, constructing one or more separate chambers for their larvae, each stocked with an insect food source. Mason wasps are also known as potter wasps for the pot-like nests some other species build, but pseudodynerus quadrisectus builds in existing cavities in wood, sometimes those previously used by other hymenoptera like the carpenter bee.[3]

Pseudodynerus quadrisectus nest built in a hole bored by a carpenter bee


The species has been found in the United States from New Jersey down to Florida and west to Texas, as well as in Mexico and Costa Rica.[3]


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