Psychopath (1973 film)

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The Psychopath
Directed by Larry G. Brown
Produced by Larry G. Brown
Written by Larry G. Brown
Walter Dallenbach
Starring Tom Basham
Music by Country Al Ross
Cinematography Jack Beckett
Edited by Dennis Jakob
John Williams
Running time
84 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Psychopath, also known as An Eye for an Eye, is a 1973 horror film written by Walter Dallenbach, produced and directed by Larry G. Brown and has Beverly Hills Cop star John Ashton as one of its co-stars.


Mr. Rabbey, the host of a children's television show, is every boys' and girls' favorite. But unknown to everyone, when he hears stories from the kids who watch his show about the abuse they suffer at the hands of their parents, he starts visiting the parents and murdering them. Eventually, the police begin to suspect him of the murders.


  • Tom Basham as Mr. Rabbey
  • Gene Carlson as Burt Mitchell
  • Gretchen Kanne as Carolyn
  • David Carlile as Perry Forbes
  • Barbara Grover as Judy Cirlin
  • Lance Larsen as Harold Cirlin
  • Jeff Rice as Richard
  • Peter Renaday as Lt. Hayes (as Pete Renoudet)
  • Jackson Bostwick as Sgt. Graham
  • John Ashton as Sgt. Matthews (as John D. Ashton)
  • Mary Rings as Mother in Park
  • Margaret Avery as Nurse
  • Sam Jarvis as Coroner
  • Brenda Venus as Joanie
  • Carol Ann Daniels as Mrs. D'Sicca
  • Bruce Kimball as Mr. D'Sicca

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