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Psyclones is an experimental industrial band started in 1980. Psyclones are a long standing band with a diverse sound, ranging from punk/post-rock/synth-pop to electronic industrial/ambient music. They released their Greatest Hits (1981–1991) CD which spans over a decade of intensely rich, enthusiastic music and lyrics that exemplify an era in their creative past. Sounds range from hardcore punk/grunge/rock to industrial-core noise rock. Most of the tracks are very dance worthy. The overall sound is heavy and harsh, "musical mayhem." Psyclones also put out many lps and singles on other their own label Ladd-Frith. Joining other independent musicians in on various cassette / LPs /industrial music / noise compilations.

Their performance at Club Foot was noteworthy. A live show in a small San Francisco underground club, the Psyclones played synth, tapes, echo trumpet, guitar, etc.....The show was industrial improvisational, but so subtle and fluid that you never thought, you were merely manipulated into thinking.[1]


Psyclones: Brian Ladd and Julie Frith
Original Line up: Brian Ladd vocals guitar song writer, Julie Frith bass, drummer Po (Robert) Poston, rhythm guitarist Dale Cairnes. Later the Psyclones lost their drummer and Rhythm guitar player and worked with Schlafengarten (Michael Karo) and Gregg Albright.


  • 1981: "Electric Tone/ "Like You" Clone Tone 1981 7"45rpm
  • 1982: Ladd-Frith Music, cassettes then later CDs
  • 1985: "Psyclones" 12" 33rpm - Subterranean Records - San Francisco, CA
  • 1986: "Impromptu" RRR Records- Boston, USA
  • 1986: "Another Bridge" 12"33rpm - Dead Man's Curve - UK
  • 1988: "Psy231" 10"33rpm - Big Noise In Archgate - UK
  • 1988: "Panic in Detroit" 7"45rpm - Gigantic - UK
  • 1991: "Greatest Hits 81-91" CD - Ladd-Frith - Eureka, CA
  • 2011: "Different Thinking People" 12"33rpm- Permanent Records - Chicago, IL


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