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GenresIndustrial, electro, gothic rock
Years active1997–present
LabelsPlanet Ghost Music

Psydoll are a cyberpunk band.[1] They formed in Tokyo in 1997 and incorporate Industrial and Electropop with cyberpunk imagery, musical and lyrical content. In 2003 they were brought over to the UK to play at the Beyond the Veil gothic music festival in Leeds[2] and gained some recognition amongst the UK industrial and gothic underground. Later that year they returned for a mini-tour of Scotland and Northern England. Leeds based Planet Ghost Music, home to Little Match Girl recognised the talent and signed them for their first release outside Japan. I, Psydoll is a collection of their previous two Japanese albums plus a bonus track. They then returned to the UK in 2005 for another mini-tour supporting amongst others Amen.[3]


  • Nekoi PSYDOLL (aka Rutoto Nekoi) (Vocals, Keyboards, Songs and lyrics)
  • Ucchi PSYDOLL (Guitars, Arrangements and Programming)
  • Loveless PSYDOLL (Actual name: Yoshinori Uenoyama) (Digital Percussion and Drums)



Year Title Label
1997 Illumidia (Japan only)
1998 Psyberdoll (Japan only) Tyrell Morgue
1999 Lake/Rose, Rose, Rose (Japan only) Tyrell Morgue
2000 The Daughter Of Dr.Neumann (Japan only) Tyrell Morgue
2002 A War In The Box (Japan only) Tyrell Morgue
2004 I PSYDOLL (compilation) Planet Ghost Music
2009 10 spy glasses Psydoll Products
2011 P.S...BTW Psydoll Products

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Fragments (Japan only) (2003)
  • Sign (Japan only) (2004)
  • Stories (Japan only EP) (2005)
  • Dance with PSYDOLL (2008)

Nekoi PSYDOLL's Book[edit]

  • Moshi Moshi Call もしもしコール By Nekoi Rutoto 猫井るとと (ISBN 4-7659-0222-6) (Published by Kubo Shoten 久保書店 on 1985 October 1.) This 116 page book of Nekoi's comic strips, from the early to mid 1980's, is a collection of her work from Lemon People, Melon Comic, and other monthly manga magazines that she contributed to. A photo of her appears on the inside back flap of the dust jacket.


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