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Public Cowboy #1: The Music of Gene Autry
Public Cowboy -1.jpg
Studio album by Riders in the Sky
Released October 22, 1996
Genre Western
Length 38:46
Label Rounder
Riders in the Sky chronology
Cowboy Songs
(1996)Cowboy Songs1996
Public Cowboy #1: The Music of Gene Autry
Yodel the Cowboy Way
(1998)Yodel the Cowboy Way1998
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link

Public Cowboy is a studio recording released by the Western band Riders in the Sky on October 22, 1996. It is available as a single CD.

Critical reception[edit]

Allmusic stated "The Riders in the Sky cut this record in the wake of their performing a Gene Autry medley in a television appearance with Autry himself in the audience. The songs are done reverently but with a real sense of fun, essentially the same balancing act that has made them a success on stage and television. Their main innovations are the harmony singing, which works well throughout, and a jazzy approach to Jimmie Rodgers' "Can't Shake The Sands of Texas From My Shoes." Autry's versions have held up magnificently well, but this loving tribute album is a necessary addition to any fan's collection."

"Gene Autry's music was always more than something which fed childhood fantasies. It is still more than something which fuels or expresses adult nostalgia. A life-time of writing, performing, and recording music marks Gene Autry as an undeniable influence on his diverse audiences, on the development of Western music, and on the image of the cowboy. Even a performer as important as Autry could be forgotten in time if it were not for a new generation which records his music. We are fortunate that the Riders are of our time and have offered such an instrumental and vocal tribute which stands as a respectful interpretation of Gene Autry's cowboy classics. Let Riders in the Sky take you on a journey through our collective musical heritage. It is a trip worth taking." — James H. Nottage

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Back in the Saddle Again" (Gene Autry, Ray Whitley) – 3:58
  2. "Sioux City Sue" (Ray Freedman, Dick Thomas) – 2:39
  3. "Mexicali Rose" (Helen Stone, Jack Tenney) – 2:48
  4. "You Are My Sunshine" (Jimmie Davis, Charles Mitchell) – 3:24
  5. "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?" (Scott Wiseman) – 3:39
  6. "Can't Shake the Sands of Texas from My Shoes" (Autry, Johnston, Pitts) – 2:55
  7. "That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine" (Autry, Jimmy Long) – 3:50
  8. "Be Honest with Me" (Autry, Fred Rose) – 2:20
  9. "Blue Canadian Rockies" (Autry, Cindy Walker) – 2:45
  10. "Lonely River" (Autry, Fred Rose, Ray Whitley) – 3:02
  11. "South of the Border" (Michael Carr, Jimmy Kennedy) – 3:13
  12. "Ridin' Down the Canyon" (Autry, Smiley Burnette) – 4:16


  • Douglas B. Green (a.k.a. Ranger Doug) – vocals, guitar
  • Paul Chrisman (a.k.a. Woody Paul) – vocals, fiddle
  • Fred LaBour (a.k.a. Too Slim) – vocals, bass

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