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"Public Official A" is a high-ranking public official alleged to be involved in political corruption during United States Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation of corruption in the State of Illinois. The identity of Public Official A has not been officially released and the official has not been indicted, but a judge has confirmed that the person is former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.[1]

Speculation on the identity of Public Official A[edit]

In 2005, "Public Official A" was alleged to have selected consultants for private equity funds that appeared before the Illinois State Pension Funds via two close associates.[2] Those associates - Stuart Levine and Tony Rezko - were indicted by Attorney Fitzgerald. This led to considerable public speculation in 2006 that Blagojevich was “Public Official A” and that he would therefore be a key subject of an ongoing criminal investigation.[3]

A ruling on February 26, 2008, confirmed the suspicion that Blagojevich was “Public Official A” when a federal judge referenced Blagojevich's campaign as the beneficiary of the activity for which previous legal documents had used the non-specific term.[1] According to the Associated Press, "News organizations including The Associated Press have long reported Blagojevich was Public Official A."[4] After the ruling, Blagojevich continued to deny he was "Public Official A".[3]

An news article confirms that Public Official A is indeed Governor Blagojevich. [1]


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