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For the Seinfeld character, see David Puddy

Puddy the Pup was a Terrytoons cartoon character who featured in a theatrical short film series from 1935 to 1942. He also appeared as Farmer Al Falfa's sidekick in other Terrytoon shorts, such as Tin Can Tourist and Farmer Al Falfa's Prize Package. The character is a white dog with a black ear, a design similar to generic dogs in various Terrytoons.


Title Director Release date
1. The Bull Fight Paul Terry, Frank Moser February 8, 1935
2. Sunken Treasure (aka Down In the Deep) Mannie Davis, George Gordon October 16, 1936
3. Cats in a Bag Mannie Davis, George Gordon December 11, 1936
4. Puddy the Pup and the Gypsies (aka Farm Frolics) Mannie Davis, George Gordon December 12, 1936
5. The Hot Spell Mannie Davis, George Gordon December 12, 1936
6. The Book Shop Mannie Davis, George Gordon February 5, 1937
7. Puddy's Coronation Mannie Davis, George Gordon May 14, 1937
8. The Homeless Pup George Gordon July 23, 1937
9. The Dog and the Bone (aka Puddy Picks a Bone!) George Gordon November 12, 1937
10. His Off Day (aka Tricky Troubles) Connie Rasinski February 4, 1938
11. Happy and Lucky (aka Dog Wanted!) Connie Rasinski March 18, 1938
12. The Big Top (aka Circus Capers) Mannie Davis May 12, 1938
13. The Big Build-up Mannie Davis September 4, 1942
  • A Puddy-esque dog appears in A Dog's Dream (1941), but without black spots.

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