Puente Llaguno: Claves de una Masacre

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Puente Llaguno: Claves de una Masacre
Directed byÁngel Palacios
Written byÁngel Palacios
Release date
Running time
105 min

Puente Llaguno: Claves de una Masacre (English: Llaguno Bridge: Keys to a Massacre) (2004) is a documentary film about the events of the 2002 Venezuelan coup d'état attempt. The film argues that "anti-Chávez opposition alliance manipulated coverage ... to make it look like the government used gunmen to shoot and kill opposition demonstrators".[1] The Puente Llaguno of the title is a bridge in central Caracas, near the Miraflores Palace, made infamous by the events of 11 April 2002, when Venezuelan private media showed gunmen firing from it, allegedly at opposition protestors.[1]

Director Ángel Palacios is described as a "staunch supporter of President Hugo Chávez who is nevertheless frequently critical of stances taken by the government"; he graduated in film studies from Cuba's San Antonio de los Baños.[1]

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