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Puffer may refer to:

  • Clyde puffer, a type of cargo ship used in the Clyde estuary and off the west coast of Scotland
  • Puffer, a type of circuit breaker
  • Inhaler, a medical device used for delivering medication into the body via the lungs
  • Peninsula Ultra Fun Run (PUFfeR), a trail running ultra-marathon
  • Puffer machine, used to detect explosives
  • Puffer train, a class of patterns in automata such as Conway's Game of Life
  • Pufferfish, a type of fish in family Tetraodontidae which can inflate itself as a defence mechanism
  • Supercharger for a motor car engine
  • USS Puffer, two submarine vessels of the United States Navy
  • Puffer, name for a particular type of German Wheellock pistol, usually from Nuremberg or Augsburg
  • Puffer jacket, a type of jacket
  • "Puffer", a song by indie rock/noise pop band Speedy Ortiz from Foil Deer