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Pujehun, Sierra Leone
Pujehun, Sierra Leone is located in Sierra Leone
Pujehun, Sierra Leone
Pujehun, Sierra Leone
Location in Sierra Leone
Coordinates: 7°21′2″N 11°43′5″W / 7.35056°N 11.71806°W / 7.35056; -11.71806Coordinates: 7°21′2″N 11°43′5″W / 7.35056°N 11.71806°W / 7.35056; -11.71806
Country Flag of Sierra Leone.svg Sierra Leone
Province Southern Province
District Pujehun District
Population (current estimate[1])
 • Total 17,121
Time zone GMT (UTC-5)

Pujehun is the capital of Pujehun District in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone.[2][3] The 1985 census gives pujehun a population of 3,859[1] with the population estimated to have grown to 9,121[1] in 2010 and a current estimate of 17,121 people.

Pujehun is a rural town and is the commercial and administrative center of Pujehun District. Pujehun lies about 50 miles south of Bo, and about 200 miles -south-east of Freetown. The inhabitant of Pujehun are largely from the Mende ethnic group.


Pujehun was named after the powerful Mende warrior Nyagua, who was residing at the nearby village of Panguma. When Nyagua and his men went to battle, they used the site of the present village as their resting place. At that time There was a lot of pepper growing in the town, which the Mende call "puei." At any time they reached that area, they called it Pujehun.


The majority of the population in Pujehun are from the Mende ethnic group.


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