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This article is about the mountain in the Ancash Region, Peru. For other uses, see Puka Ranra.
Lago Palcacocha 2002.jpg
Palcaraju (on the left) and Pucaranra (on the right) behind Lake Palcacocha
Highest point
Elevation 6,147 m (20,167 ft)
Coordinates 9°23′30″S 77°21′03″W / 9.39167°S 77.35083°W / -9.39167; -77.35083Coordinates: 9°23′30″S 77°21′03″W / 9.39167°S 77.35083°W / -9.39167; -77.35083
Pucaranra is located in Peru
Location Peru, Ancash Region
Parent range Andes, Cordillera Blanca
First ascent

1948 via S.W. spur of S. ridge?: Variant on S.W. side-1954: E. slopes-1957:

N.E. ridge-1959: S.W. ridge, S.W. face-1965: W. ridge-1977[1]
Easiest route southeast ridge, AD

Pucaranra[2][3][4][5] (possibly from Quechua puka red, ranra stony; stony ground,[6][7]) is a mountain in the Cordillera Blanca in the Andes of Peru, about 6,147 metres (20,167 ft) high[2] (although other sources cite an elevation of 6,156 metres (20,197 ft).[3][4][5] It is located in Ancash, southwest of mount Chinchey.[2][3]


Several interesting lines on this mountain, none of them very serious but all requiring commitment. The east-northeast ridge is rated AD/D (depending on conditions), the southeast face AD+ and the southeast ridge AD.[citation needed]


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