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Pulk or ahkio pulled by a skier

A pulk (from Finnish pulkka)[1] is a Nordic short, low-slung small toboggan used in sport or for transport, pulled by a dog or a skier, or in Lapland pulled by reindeer.[2]

The sled can be used to carry supplies such as a tent or food, or transport a child or other person. In Norway, pulks are often used by families with small children on skiing trips (small children being pulled by the parents). In Finland and Sweden, pulks are often used, mostly by children, as a winter toy for going downhill. Pulks are nowadays made of plastic, which makes them inexpensive.

A larger pulk, designed for transporting larger amounts of goods, is called ahkio [ɑhkio] in Finnish. This word is also used by the US Army for a human-drawn snow sled.

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  1. ^ Called pulka in Swedish, pulk in Norwegian, bulki in Northern Sami.
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