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Errol Eduardo Bedward, better known by his stage name Pumpkin was a musician, percussionist and band leader. He was renowned for being the one behind many old school hip hop tracks for the Profile, Enjoy, and Tuff City record companies.[1][2]

He worked with several important early hip hop acts from 1979 to 1984, such as Spoonie Gee, Treacherous Three, Funky Four, Grandmaster Caz, The Fearless Four, and Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde, as well as a host of more obscure names. His 1983 single "King of the Beat" was followed by one of his last productions, Pumpkin and the Profile All-Stars' "Here Comes the Beat" (Profile, 1984).

A collection of his work for Tuff City was released under his stage name in 1995 as The Tuff City Sessions on the retrospective label Old School Flava.[2]



  • The Tuff City Sessions (1995), Old Skool Flava
  • Old School's Funkiest Drummer (1995), Tuff City

As a band-member/session musician[edit]

  • "Rappin & Rockin The House" - Funky Four Plus 4 (Enjoy)
  • "Love Rap" - Spoonie Gee - (Enjoy)
  • "Body Rock" - Trecherous Three (Enjoy)
  • "At the Party" - Trecherous Three (Enjoy)
  • "Feel the Heart Beat" - Trecherous Three (Enjoy)
  • "Move to the Groove" - Disco Four (Enjoy)
  • "Country Rock & Rap" - Disco Four (Enjoy)
  • "Put The Boogie In Your Body" - Trecherous Three (Enjoy)
  • "The Ultimate Rap" - Nice-N-Nasty Three (Holiday)
  • "Ice Theme" - Dr. Ice (Enjoy)
  • "Gonna Get You Hot" - The Master Don Committee (Enjoy)
  • "Your Rock" - Fantasy Three (Specific)
  • "Biters in the City" - Fantasy Three (C.C.L.)
  • "Dollar Bill, Y'all" - Jimmy Spice (unknown)
  • "Problems of the World Today" - Fearless Four (Elektra)
  • "It's Magic" - Fearless Four (Enjoy)
  • "Rockin It, Rockin It" - Fearless Four (Enjoy)
  • "Gettin Money" - Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde (Profile)
  • "School Beats" - Disco Four (Profile)
  • "King of the Beats" - Pumpkin (Profile)
  • "Here Comes That Beat" - Pumpkin & the All-Stars (Profile)
  • "Funk Boxx 2" - The Master Don Committee (Profile)
  • "Mr. Bill" - Grand Master Caz (Tuff City)
  • "Joe Blow" - Puffy Dee (Tuff City)
  • "Put That Head Out" - Wizard Wiz (Tuff City)


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