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Pung may refer to:

  • Pung cholom, Manipuri dance
  • Ta Pung, khum (commune) of Thma Koul District in Battambang Province in north-western Cambodia
  • Pung, a term used in Mahjong to indicate a set of three tiles
  • Pung, a term used in New England for a low, one-horse sleigh with a box-shaped body

People with the family name Pung include:

  • Jackie Pung (1921–2017), American professional golfer who played on the LPGA Tour
  • Mihkel Pung (1876–1941), Estonian politician
  • Alice Pung, lawyer, the editor of Growing Up Asian in Australia and author of Unpolished Gem

People with the given name Pung include:

  • Buyeo Pung (fl. 7th century), one of the sons of King Uija of Baekje

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